paris, ten

final day! and I was worn out. exhausted. couldn’t tell you the day of the week and really wanted to go home.

we packed, ate snacks, cleaned, organized gifts and I slept! with a 9am flight we were up and ready to go by 5.

amazing trip, beautiful city, I time in my life I will never forget. I think we left enough to do for another visit – preferably in the spring/summer.

thank you M for making the last 10
days a easy, pleasurable experience. thank you for allowing me to see Paris through your eyes, and thank you for taking care of me!

love you!

paris, nine

errands. in Paris!

yes we had some running around to do. tax receipts to get straight, gifts to finalize and purchase and the luggage situation to work out.

breakfast on the champs élysées put us in good position to hit the ground running at Louis Vuitton when they opened. next a stop in few sport stores, then home to drop off “the surprise goods”.

once we were out again it was short
lived. a rosary for M, the opera district for a “New York” bar that was closed so another sufficed. I had run out of steam and once back at home, I slept the night away.

wait…. it was New Year’s Eve! there was a show at the Eiffel Tower that had to be taken in!! while I did sleep for a few hours – at 10:30 we went to a local restaurant for dinner and champagne. took a short walk to the park in Passey where we watched the festivities with a group from Germany. they were a lot of fun, and people from all around the globe crowded the streets to celebrate. tons of baby strollers jammed the sidewalks, and cars jammed the streets.

the light show was beautiful – no fireworks though. Paris stopped fireworks a few years ago. we walked home giving and receiving Bonne Annèe’s to everyone. it was a great was to begin two thousand fourteen.

happy new year!!

paris, eight

bright and early we arrived at the louvre. today was the day! we had nothing else planned and with rain in the forecast it was a good
day to be inside.

now everyone had warned us of the museums size, but I don’t think I was prepared for miles of hard marble floors, stairs up, stairs down, mazes upon mazes. corridors that lead to rooms the size of small cities! beautiful, massive, full of important pieces of our humanity and safe keeping of the facts that we exist with a long history on this planet.

the sculpture was my favorite and the art was a close second. we did not see all of the masters – Monet, De Gaulle, Renoir were missed, but the art that I did see exposed me to many new masters I had not known.

finding a day where the crowds are not their own exhibit to contend with would be great, as many more trips to the Louvre are necessary!!

feeling culturally uplifted.