who is she


hi! I’m natalie. Los Angeles born, Seattle raised, Austin dweller. I love the smell is fresh ground coffee, laughing until I can hardly breathe, and floating my hand on the wind out the car window.

I also love photography! I’ve always loved it. From the photo albums I grew up with, to the old film cameras my dad used and taught me how to use. Playing with old black and white 2×2 square images with the white boarders – that’s where we could touch – fill my childhood memories. I could daydream and make up stories around a single image. Just knowing which images were on the next page, because I had thumbed through an album so many times connects me to my families history.

Capturing the beauty of a foggy sunrise, the simplicity of lone tree on a hill, the crooked tooth smile of my four-legged furry best friend are ways I capture the everyday moments around me. My current work is focused on documenting my journey through life. Using my camera to tell the narrative of my experience through fine art portraits.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and work full-time in Marketing for Apple. I love my job. It’s technical, analytical, brain-twisting fun, but photography gives me the space to create art that I hope will be treasured and loved by the people for a long time after I’m here.

I am a wanderlust, and I travel with any spare time I get. Road trips up and down the west coast, flights to lands far far away, or quick trips home to Seattle as often as I can. A camera is always with me, and photo books of my travels are always a gift for my parents as a way for them to see parts of the world they may never see.

I’m an on location, natural light, print photographer. I believe in prints. I love paper. In a time of digital media, social media, mobile phone insta-gram-media, I believe in the old fashioned paper print. One that gets matted and framed, or affixed to an album, or saved in a keepsake box and touched, loved and cherished. Print your images. Make photo books for your kids. Touch your memories.

I am lucky to be forever connected to two amazing young adults that chose me as their mom. I’m also the food lady for 3 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 mini donkeys and one new rescue horse named Hank.

words I try to live by::
be. then do. and have will come.

drop me a note to say hi!

thanks for stopping by…

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