there is some excitement in my world mainly coming from anticipation of upcoming events. 

first is my first submission to Portland Photolucia’s Critical Mass. thousands of photographers world wide at every level submit work to be reviewed and voted on by over 200 esteemed international photography professionals. there is a screening process that narrows the field to 200, and then to the top 50 who receive a series of awards and distribution of their work. the submission closed at noon today (7/28), so the party train has left the station. I’m excited to be on it and to learn as much as I can as I go. 

second is my pending return to Motherwell. this magical ranch in the Colorado Rockies is where my photographic journey completely changed. I’m only a few days away from “Rocky Mountain High”. can’t wait. 

third, and final… I’ve had my first image accepted into a gallery exhibition. if you are in Portland August 1-20 stop by Blackbox Gallery.  look for Grace framed and hanging on a wall!  if not, take a swing by the website.

I’m vibrating!!



always learning

always learning

how do you keep yourself from evaporating? I heard this phrase a few days ago – evolve or evaporate. 

my constant thirst for knowledge, and challenge to learn through experience has definitely helped my view of the world evolve.  it’s pushed my photography even further. 

there is something inside me needs to get out, and in order to convey it in it’s most complete form I continue to learn and experiment with new ideas and new ways of creating.

studio lights were the most recent challenge, and I was a wreck going into it. with every shoot there is the pressure of “you’re the Photographer – and you know what you’re doing, right?”  and I do know to a point, but there are spaces of angst where I just don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing, and  I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with the not knowing.  these are the spaces where I just see what happens – and capture that.  the great thing is, I don’t think anyone can tell when those moments are happening! (I don’t think they can…..)

the studio presented itself with many benefits that have been detractors to the work in past sessions. there was no w i n d (unless we created it with a fan).  it was not a 6am start time on my freezing San Francisco rooftop, and I did not have to worry if there was going to be enough light. however, the studio (this studio) had its own challenges. it was HOT!, and there were no windows or natural light at all, so it was like being in a giant cave. 

I’ve always been intimidated by studio lights, but the setup was pretty straight forward  – and once I had my settings I could just concentrate on creating – which was freeing.  

evolve or evaporate? I’d say as I wrapped up my first session under the lights there was more of me. more brain power. more confidence and a little bit of pride that I had accomplished a new thing. I think what evaporated was my fear. 

do something new today! evolve and evaporate.




over the holiday weekend (thank you America for having a birthday – I desperately needed the time off) we took a drive north – and rested our heads at the beautiful Bardessono hotel in Yountville, CA. 

we all know the Napa Valley is one of the largest wine regions in the world, and we all know that I’m a wino!! but this weekend wasn’t about wine. surprise!

this weekend was about relaxation, new experiences and okay… wine! 

Friday at 4:30 AM came very early, but starting the vacation off this way was so worth it. we were picked up and taken to the meeting site where we were assigned a group to meet our pilot. By 5:30 AM we were in the field getting instruction on how to be safe passengers on our first hot air balloon ride. 

read more about the our experience above the valley in my Steller Story here :: Up on Steller

up, up and away……


puget sound – via ferry

this post is about realizing the magic and the beauty of a place you’ve known all your life, but now as a visitor.

a few shots from my old school Hasselblad film camera of the Puget Sound ferry  – The Spokane.






jump in your car. drive on board. take a ferry and explore the islands!