top down

I’m so we’ve acquired a new car. mini cooper s – convertible, and she’s/he’s adorable!! i’ve heard a few times that california is working well for me, and the car that loses it’s top so that beautiful ball in the sky can shine in is one more confirmation I am adjusting!!

back to the gender thing — do people do that or am I crazy feeling like this car has a gender, personality and requires a name?? felix, ninja, lucy, zuri (african for beautiful), betty, le pew (as in pepe)….all contenders. what do you think??

you’ll spot me on hwy 280, with my top down!



day 3 of work, and day 2 on the bus. not the public transit city bus, but the private apple coaches that supply us with leather seats, a bathroom, tv’s and free wireless. the drive up and down highway 280 is beautiful. rolling hills, green pastures, it’s really like out of a movie. for my friends up north – it’s a bit like driving through the Skagit farmland on your way to Vancouver, but hilly and curvy. What you’ll see around the next turn is always a surprise. the way the clouds/fog hangs in the hillside pockets in the mornings and the sunsets in the evenings are outstanding. let’s just say that so far the commute is not so bad.