homesickness – where does it come from?

so, it’s finally hit me. i am homesick. what do i miss? not really sure…the skyline, the fresh air, the green, green, green everywhere, my family, my friends, my familiarity with the city and surrounding cities. i miss it all. i miss my 20 minute commute over 1-90 and lake washington. don’t miss the job so much – miss the work, but not the job. really miss our townhouse – the beauty of cougar mountain as we drove home, the quiet of the highlands, being able to drive into my garage and go right into our place – and more than anything, our kitchen. the kitchen that we could and should have filmed a “wal-lum” cooking segment in. i think spending 2 weeks in the comfort of family encouraged this to come on. not really knowing how much i missed them until i was with them. i am feeling better, and there will be a trip to sea town soon – as soon as i recover ($$) from the last trip and get through a work trip next month, then seattle here we come! friends coming to san fran make it a little easier as well! xoxo