writing with light…

i’m excited to report that the photography hobby that was born a few years ago has taken on a new form!
i’ve always played with cameras, thought i had ‘an eye’ for capturing interesting images, and always wanted to learn more about the full process. it helped that a boyfriend (in the past) was/is a professional sports photographer, and i would go on kids sporting shoots with him, run through the business end of ordering prints, go with him to meet clients to deliver prints, and had the hard work/glamorous experience of shooting in Madison Square Garden and Qwest Field. the bug was solidly in place, but my time in Seattle was fully occupied with board seats, volunteering for an amazing international non-profit, work, kids, tennis and life.

now there is time. pause and listen to the quietness… 🙂

time for me to explore this hobby to it’s fullest. to learn from pro’s, to take classes and to shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! that is what i’m learning. to improve my photography, i need to keep shooting, and keep asking questions, and keep shooting and editing and shooting.

watch for the images that make me the happiest to be posted to my website at http://tallieimages.zenfolio.com. get it – natalie (tallie) 🙂

hope all is well with every one, and i hope you follow me on my journey to writing the best stories with light.


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