day 4, 5 and the naturopathic allergist

day 4 is done! and i’m half way through the final day of the big juice cleanse. it’s been amazing and I will DEFINITELY do it again!

we had a pretty busy sunday – Alameda Flea Market in the morning, a little shopping in the Marina, and Thai massages in the afternoon. I was better about drinking water in the sun, but I started late, and ended up with 3 bottles left to drink at 7pm. mad dash to the end of the night, but I made it.

day 5 has gone great! i’m still feeling fantastic – actually feeling very clear, very light, and i can see my face thinning. already planned my next cleanse in 4-6 months!

I had my first session with a naturopathic allergist – and was digitally screened for over 30 food/airborne items my body is sensitive to. the process is a muscle test, where the allergen is introduced through this armband and my body reacts to it – the reaction is measured and determined if there is a need to do further testing.

I had a reaction to 21 of 39 items. none or ALL of these could be contributing to my hives, but we are treating the items that triggered the strongest and contribute the most to skin issues.

SUGAR topped my list, and I underwent my initial treatment to desensitize my body to all of the sugars that I had been having an issue with. energy medians opened, sugar allergy cleared. now i wait and watch to see how i feel over the next few days. I could actually lose my sugar cravings or have them diminished. we’ll see. other things that were triggered:

corn, eggs, wheat/gluten, cats, dogs, dust, flowers, grasses, trees, weeds, blah, blah, blah.

having a reaction doesn’t mean i’m allergic and can never have these things or be around them – but that my body shows signs of agitation when these items are eaten or i’m around them. i have a few more appointments set up to have the next largest groups eliminated – hoping that this answers the 20yr old question of why I get hives!!

juice cleanses, clear flowing energy, and a convertible — i am a california girl!!

for more about my treatment:

2 thoughts on “day 4, 5 and the naturopathic allergist

    1. naturopathic medicine and allergist are a great option if you have them in your area. really helped my hives – i’ve been free now for 2 months!!

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