la paz, mexico

Our journey to La Paz has begun with dropping off our fur friends at their very own hotel where they will be spa’d and treated like the little kings and queens they are. their Jr Suite even comes with a web cam so we can check in on them at all times!

The 1 AM flight was supposed to be a time saver for our 4 day excursion, but it was a bit brutal staying awake and not cranky in the airport. Once on the plane things got much better and the super cheap upgrade to 1st class made sleeping on the flight to Mexico City easy.

What hasn’t been easy is dealing with my dad’s heart situation. Being able to talk to him, to hear him go from sounding concerned to joking about tequila has helped. To know that my mom (health and wellness traffic control officer of the year) is there with him helps a ton too. I think she’s stood by long enough and watched him not tell the doctors everything they need to know. His medical team is very well informed with Clara J in the mix .

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