the next chapter…

growth. it’s inevitable. lessons. they’re all around us and available if you’re open to them.

I celebrate one half century of life in a few months, and I am so grateful for every sunny day, every heartbreak, every friendship, and every lesson.

It wasn’t apparent to me the themes that have run through my life until a few weeks ago. The workshop with Jennifer in Colorado was my moment to pause, reflect and really take stock of my journey. The exercise was self imposed, but inspired by so many things. the results were surprising, and provide me the foundation for my next chapter.

When thinking about the major parts of my life, I wrote down the first 4-6 words that came to mind when I thought about that period. Words that represent how those times in my life still make me feel.

>> religious upbringing
>> being raised in a small non-diverse town
>> time in college
>> nine years of marriage
>> being a mother
>> career [nordstrom, starbucks, apple]
>> and the continuum – my family

The themes or words were consistent, except for my careers [which was very eye-opening] and from this exercise there is a story. My story. A message and work to create that represents Natalie. My strengths, weaknesses, fears, insecurities, and lessons learned. There is no blame, no guilt, no negative thoughts or feelings represented in the work that I am about to embark on. It is my truth, and it is complicated, ugly, dark, and twisted. I’m excited to work through it, express it and share it with the world.

My photography is the medium I’ve chosen to tell my story, which means the client aspect of tallieimages is being put on hold for an undetermined amount of time. The families I have worked with will always have me as their photographer (if they choose), but I am no longer taking new clients.

Please grant yourself the permission to follow your heart, to pull back the rug and examine what’s underneath, and learn whatever lessons life has in store for you. They are all around you, and available if you are open to them. It’s never too late for your next chapter.


flower power

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