personal work – the beginning

It has taken more than a month to get to today.  I needed time to reflect, to absorb, to begin to understand how the workshop affected me.  For the first time ever I’ve sat with my images. I fought the instant gratification bug to post them all right away, and did not post them as a complete body of work anywhere public. I took time to study what they said to me, about me.  My part of the session we were given to shoot on our own was my vision, my posing, and my expression of my own inner fears and strengths.  What I am sharing today is from that session, but it is just the beginning.  I’ve sold everything my business had acquired to support newborns, and I’ve made the decision to no longer take new clients.  My photography will be about my life, my upbringing, my family dynamics and being a black woman.  I am so excited to start this first phase of work – and sit with it for as long as it takes for me to be comfortable to share it with you.   On that note – here is the work from the July workshop at Motherwell Ranch in Colorado, with Jennifer Thoreson featuring my amazing model Heather Sebald.

click the collage to enlarge

Gallery one:  my internal dialogue.

Collage 3 Collage 4 Collage 5 Collage 6 Collage 8

Gallery two: my external being.

Collage 9 Collage 10 Collage 12 Collage 13 Collage 14 Collage 15

I hope you enjoy this new beginning, and stick around to watch this chapter unfold.

Collage 16

xo – natalie

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