concept 1: pre shoot rambles

concept 1 will be born tomorrow. I’m nervous. excited. anxious. it’s all the normal emotions I have before a shoot. I am prepared – I think. the concept is clear, the mood board is done, the models are secure, I’ve had a meeting with hair and makeup (Becky you are going to rock this!), my biggest cheerleader is on board and has a crew lined up to help him set up my vision.

concept 1: in between. we’ve all been in that space. adolescence: not a child not an adult. separated: not married in the true sense of it, but not single. that in between state is a state all on it’s own. it’s recognized and acknowledged, but it’s still in between. my first expression of ‘in between’ will reflect my upbringing in an all white community and my internal struggle feeling accepted by my black community. I was influenced, and imprinted by my childhood community but never fully accepted. I am accepted by the black community to a point (I believe). The ‘Oreo’ nickname I was given still fits – but I prefer to think of my middle as a swirl. I see who I am when I look in a mirror and that is the state I accept – the blended inside, and non-blended outside.

black/white, in black and white. beach shoot, at 7am and there may be rain….


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.37.06 AM