concept 2: woman. beautifully complex

woman = daughter. sister. girlfriend. wife. mother. friend. lover. partner. estrogen driven human.

woman 1

we are not always easy to understand. we do not always know why we do, say, or act a certain way. we are hormonal, and with that comes the responsibility of bringing life into the world.

I think we all strive for connection. basic human connection that comes in the form of a mate, a partner who we can trust and feel a sense of protection and security with, someone who will accept us as we are.

woman 2

as children in western society we are presented with stories of how to achieve that connection. the fairy tales of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. the happily ever after, and the some day our prince will come – if we are beautiful, a certain size, not too smart, domestic and subservient. while boys were taught math and science, encouraged to play sports go to college, girls were given dolls, taught to cook and bake, shown how to apply makeup and pay attention to fashion trends so that we’d be desirable.

woman 3

that was 40-50 years ago – right? today women are equal, we can do anything a man can do, we can go to the same universities, obtain the same post graduate degrees, fire a gun along side men on the front lines of battle, earn the same money for the same job and have long successful careers outside the home. right?

woman 4

we are natural born care givers. nurturers by design, and that comes out if we choose to have children and stay home to raise them.  if we choose not to have our own children we may have nieces and nephews to spoil and guide, and if we have pets they may become our outlet for our nurturing spirit. for women who choose a career, I see mentoring and growing a team as a similar type of nurturing. our husbands, boyfriends, partners even get a lot of this natural attention.  we are natural givers and I’d bet any combination of the before is how most women see themselves.

the strength and beauty that comes from seeing a woman for what she really is inside is a sight to behold. she is vulnerable, strong, caring, forgiving, accomplished, smart, sexy, and all things womanly.

woman 5

woman = daughter. sister. girlfriend. wife. mother. friend. lover. partner. estrogen driven human.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback…

model: anna kawakami, hair/makeup: kathleen marie tinney, super assistant: maria giacona

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