I’ve loved this image from the moment I shot it. there are those split seconds where you just know its a good one – this was one.

this is me. it is my work, but it is also how I have felt and how I feel on occasion.

in my work there is a repeated visual of curling up. I see it now that I’ve been through my recent set of critiques. curling, going inward, the body made circular, womb-like. I think it’s something for me to explore. as an introvert I immediately relate it to my need to recharge by going inward, but maybe there is something else to it.

I’m reading ‘Quiet, the Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ by Susan Cain, and it’s fascinating how much it’s telling me about me, about my struggle to always be “on” or “to push myself out there” – where I’m not comfortable at all. it’s fascinating how clearly she describes the world as over time becoming a place based in extroversion. current day example — Tony Robbins makes millions on selling the idea of success tied to being extroverted.

I personally know there is power in calm, quiet approaches – but in a world that is constantly yelling it can be hard to be seen or heard.

I’m not quite half way through the book, and I am hopeful that she will have guidance and insight on how to use my Quiet for good!

this is me. it is my work, and it is hanging in my house. the first fine art piece that I’ve framed and hung.

happy thursday


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