familiar things

im taking a class online about inspiration, and an assignment we had recently was to take a close look at the things in our home that we have special connections to – and then photograph them in beautiful natural light. we spend a lot of time out in the world searching for beautiful light, waiting for it, waking up before sunrise to capture it, or setting it up and creating it artificially. this exercise was to shot it within the 4 walls that we live in.  

it was a fun exercise and the results surprised me. my everyday objects seem to stand out a bit different in these photographs.  what do you think?
xo – natalie

One thought on “familiar things

  1. The objects that you chose are though-provoking, quirky, memory inducing items. I love the wine corks. Whatever the white cloth is, I can feel the softness and the comfort touching it would bring. Lighting was secondary to the items themselves for me. A beautiful portfolio!

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