reduction | week 1

so I was told I had to pull the day 1, 2 & 3 posts until I was less narcotically impaired!  the “cleaned” up versions went up a few days ago.  🙂 sorry if you stumbled through the raw rambling versions before I pulled them. LOL

week one has been roouugh.  I have to think things will get easier – they have to get easier. the hardest thing has been sleeping and getting comfortable for more than an hour at a time.  the pain has been really tolerable. I’ve been on tylenol only since day 4 and it’s really all i’ve needed (except at night to sleep).

the girls are very oddly shaped right now, but I have officially been released from the compression bra. itchy means healing and I know they have some dropping to do – so let the reshaping unfold.  it’s really hard to gauge my new size – really hard. dr said full D, but the realization of that is still weeks away. 

happy for a sunny day in San Francisco!

( . ) ( . )

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