beyond the fruit

from beans to fruit was a chapter I will forever be grateful for.  the fruit opened so many opportunities for me.  allowed me to travel the world, create memories with my family and children I would have never dreamed of being able to do and to grow in a way that I didn’t know I had the capability to grow.

the fruit has also come with its own set of challenges.  I mean lets face it – nothing is perfect.  to live in the heart of san francisco was an experience that I’ll always remember fondly.  to have the california st cable car right in front of your house, a 1-3 block walk to the fruits commuter bus stop, and anything you can think you might want only a few clicks away – and deliverable to your door.  living in silicon valley is for sure like living in the future among the entitled and privileged twenty=something new money millionaires.  and the desire to live among young genius minds comes at a cost.  the cost of your perspective on how the rest of the country and world actually live.  the cost of having adequate square footage for your friends and family to spend an extended period of time with you.  the cost of simply living the life you dream of.   if there had been anyway to make our next chapter happen in the Bay Area – we would have done it in a heartbeat.  even with two great salaries there was no way we could afford to do what we are embarking on.  so we say goodbye to our way too small, but perfect apartment in the city with parking.  we say goodbye to midnight drives to the ocean to sit and listen to the waves crash in the dark.  we say goodbye to friends who have become family, to the network of amazing people we created to keep us sane, coiffed, centered & grounded, and full of amazing food/booze.  we say goodbye to the one hour drive to some of the best wines in the world over one of the most iconic bridges in the world.  we say goodbye to our neighborhood sushi restaurant, our dry cleaners who always greeted us with the biggest smiles and the most positive energy, to everyone at our hardware store who came to the rescue with options and solutions when we needed them.  we say goodbye to medical providers who take their relationship with their patients seriously, and support alternative methods of care. we say goodbye the neighbors in our building – the smiles and hello’s in the elevator, the welcoming of new puppies and babies, and the eye rolls when the new 22 yr old renter has an all night party.   we say goodbye to so many things connected to our life in San Francisco, but we know we can always go back for visits and act like the tourists that stick out like sore thumbs!  those experiences brought us to today, taught us what we needed to know about ourselves and each other in preparation for what’s next…from the fruit to honey & eggs & seeds & cheese & flowers & veggies.

I will become active here on S3A again, documenting our triumphs and tribulations, how we continue to learn and grow together, and on our own through this experience.  I don’t think I’ve been more excited, scared, hopeful, confident, and sure of anything before in my life.  here we go…. [smile]