wallum farm

established 2017.

it’s official.  we found a farm!  on new years day we drove to the property that had been listed 5 days prior, and we immediately called our realtor. it was a holiday, so there was no way we were going to be able to see the inside, or even go onto the property – but it was almost love at first sight for M and I both.

we went back the next day and couldn’t find a reason not to move forward.  this was not planned, it was much sooner than we thought it would happen, but sometimes when things present themselves you have to acknowledge and move forward.

we saw a few more properties, but nothing that stopped us from thinking about the farm with the WL in the gate. oh, I didn’t mention that this property already had our last name initials in the gate!  (kismet, the universe, meant to be…?)

one more visit a few days later, and a long talk with the seller who told us all about the history of the land as we walked the acreage. we really liked her energy, and we think she became pretty fond of us and our story.  we told her of our desire for a farm where our grandkids would make memories, where we could raise animals,  grow our own produce and tip toe into organic flower farming.

there is so much more to come, and as we get closer to closing the deal – we’ll share pictures and more details.  the story will unfold here and on the brand new @wallum_farm instagram account. follow us there!

the adventure has begun – and we’re ready!


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