closing the site. thank you.

she said saw and ate has been the documentation of my journey with M. leaving seattle and the bean, starting a new life in The Bay with the fruit, all the trips and places i’ve learned about in the world, and making the huge decision to buy a farm and move to Texas. Things are obviously in a place I didn’t expect, and I’ve used this blog as a way to heal over the last six months. It’s time for me to cut this cord, step into my new life with two clean feet. This space has provided me a place to release raw thoughts, to be vulnerable and to take courageous steps by just getting the pain, feelings, plans, thoughts out of my head and published into the world.

I won’t kill the site, but there will be no more posts after this one. Writing is something i’ve found that i love, so my next chapter will be written in a new space. call, text or email me for an invitation. or maybe you’ll just find me there the same way you found me here.

thank you all for sticking with me, for your comments that i read but rarely published and for your love.

i’ve never felt stronger, and i’m sure that the process of blogging has everything to do with it.

xo, n.

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