it’s official. i am an apple employee.  confidentiality is number 1, so i won’t be blogging about my work, but the experience of being an apple employee will show up in my posts.

today was the absolute best first day experience i’ve ever had. orientation was short and to the point, welcoming by every apple employee i met was warm, genuine and felt like family.  its hard to put into words what the culture is like – its unlike anywhere i’ve ever worked. i am so honored to have be chosen to join the ranks of apple, inc. and i think today it hit me how big of a deal it is. how exclusive this group of people are, and how much fun i’m about to have. the ability to be creative, to be supported, to collaborate with the best and the brightest in the world, and the opportunity to travel – (london, tokyo, china, etc are on coming).  to be a part of a company that creates innovation that changes the way the world works is beyond my comprehension on day one, but so exciting to think about.

my team is amazing, my work space is amazing, my equipment is amazing, now to just find a house….

thank you apple for greatest, most organized, fastest to be up and running, and most exciting first day ever – i look forward to many years to come!