closing out the week…

so it’s the end of work week 2, and san fran week 3 and im happy to report that the cold is nearly gone – and all else is as it should be.

work is taking shape and i feel a “lightbulb” moment coming. (translation: things are starting to connect, the full picture is filling in, the moment when i feel like i “get it” will be my lightbulb moment)

we are working on securing all the appts needed to set up our new home – the movers delivering our stuff from storage, do we go with cable or direct tv, and getting pg&e started.  all of this takes $$$ and this relocation process has been a learning experience.

although apple is taking care of almost everything (and i am so appreciative of that!) – there are quite a few things we’ve had to cover ourselves, with the promise of reimbursement for some of the expenses.  being reimbursed is great, but it still means there need to be thousands of dollars readily on hand to just live and get things done.  for my friends and family if you ever find yourself in this ‘lucky’ yet challenging place, take that as a tip!

while i am living in the moment and trying to just enjoy each and everyday as it comes – i am looking forward to being in our new home, with all the things that are familiar and beloved surrounding me.  i am looking forward to a sharing san francisco with the kids for the first time in a few weeks, and i am most looking forward to making the trip to capetown, sa to visit with my amazing auntie!  42 days – the countdown has begun!