the bronx – not just a city in NY

he’s 7.6kg (do the math), smashed face, hoover vacuum cleaner when it comes to eating, and snores like an old man. yep that’s bronx. almost a year old, and looking for employment to cover his latest expenses!
he is the happiest puppy, so friendly (people and other dogs), and has the best temperament. bad thing – he’s not a good listener. once he’s focused on something and has “locked on target” he’s gone. we are “those” doggy parents at the park who are yelling at the top of their lungs BRONX COME! and he’s the one so happy to see a new dog, a little kid (whose deathly afraid of his rambunctious energy), or people who will pet and laugh at his lilo and stitch ears as he runs through their legs.
he is loved. he is funny looking which makes him cute, and he is not cheap! 2 emergency trips to the vet this week…I’m done, until the next time. binx – we love your snorty big head, and you can stay as long as your cute.




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