la paz – saturday

day 2 in Mexico started with a trip into town. la paz is everything i thought i had hoped it would be. authentic, polite, friendly and the right mix of new and old. everywhere we went people were helpful and very proud of their beautiful part of the world. we were told about the Espiritus Island more than once which increased the anticipation of our visit on Monday. souvenirs were purchased for friends and family back home, and we met a young man from San Diego who has been in la Paz for the last 8 months clearing his head. an excellent baseball player (pitcher) ran into some life issues when his father passed away. school, baseball and family all became less important and trouble took their place. his mother knew sending him to stay with his grandmother in la Paz was the best thing for him. He was excited to get back to CA, back on track, and back to baseball. I told him we’d be watching for him – and that school was the key to his future.

back at the resort, we took our place at the pool bar and met a great couple from San Diego – Cydney and Rick. We proceeded to share stories about our lives, kids, jobs, and enjoy the beautiful day. Tequila was the bond – and as a pre dinner festivity we tasted 4 amazing tequilas sided by side. My Starbucks coffee tasting training has served me well in setting up tastings of other beverages. We all chose our favorite and everyone’s palette chose a different tequila. Lots of fun with our new friends Cyd and Rock.

The night ended with some photography of the stars, the sky was filled, and with it being so dark i had to try some super long exposures. we’ll see if I was able to capture any star trails…fingers crossed!

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