la paz – sunday

We’ve been told that la paz means peace, and I can see why. this place is a secret (do not tell anyone) – its tranquil, and beautiful yet all of the people we’ve met are full of energy and life! I believe it’s this place casting its magical spell on everyone who visits. Side note: The Hotel California is few miles from here, wasn’t it supposed to have some magic about it?

Back to Sunday…
we started with a quick breakfast including “green juice” – how did they know I’ve become a juice freak? Spinach, cucumber, cactus, pineapple, and I think kiwi. Amazing way to start the day (and help flush some of that tequila from the night before).

From breakfast we headed to the spa! If there is ‘spa’ in the name of any hotel I’m staying in – I have to try at least one treatment! We had salt scrubs and ‘M’ loved his, mine was nice, but there were comic moments throughout that punctuated the fact that I was in another country.

My technician – we’ll call her Maggie – perspired from her hands. (pausing to let that sink in)
Now if I knew this about myself, I’m not sure touching people in a relaxing way would be the profession I would have chosen – or maybe if it were my calling, I’d have done something about my clammy, moist pits before I out them on someone’s naked body.
I struggled through the initial touch only because I knew she would be quickly putting water and slats on to do the scrub. Plus, she spoke no English (or very little) and our communication had already been choppy. [je parle Francais, je ne parle pas Espanole].
we proceeded on and her movements through the room were loud and clumsy – unlike the treatments where you know the technician is doing something, but have no idea what it is, nor do you care because you’re so relaxed. Not so much with Maggie. Her shoes made this duck quacking squeak against the floors every time she moved, and she moved a lot. Then she used a very loud electronic scrubbing tool on the left side of the front of my body (it ran out of power so no buffing for the rest of me) LOL I am giggling inside at this point, just taking it all in as the experience it is. My internal funny quickly turned to “What the what?!” when Maggie full on grabbed a boob! Uhhhh, really? She grabbed, lifted, pushed the girls around to make sure all surfaces had been scrubbed. (oh my!) This just continued to make for a great story. The back side was done with no big surprises (thank goodness!!) and it was time to shower. No instruction was given except rinse, but don’t use any soap, just rinse so I did, and proceeded to get dressed. Thanks Maggie that was interesting, and I did feel 100% smoother – mission accomplished. No. Maggie knocked on the door and couldn’t find words to tell me that we weren’t finished, so we stumbled around it and I figured it out. Back to the room – squeak, squeak, squeak down the hall. She sprayed me down with something she kept putting in my face to smell, and applied a lotion to seal me up. Now we were done. I thanked her – honestly it was a great treatment, just hella funny!

After spa’ing we chilled by the pool, grabbed a small bite, met up with Rick and Cydney – said our goodbyes as they were going to explore town and we’d most likely not see them again. We’re hoping to connect in Napa or Sonoma later this year. New people were showing up at the pool, which was great to see the constant stream of people because I’d hate for this resort to close due to lack of business!

We decided that we would go check out the club house at the Gary Player PGA Pro golf course. A short ride up the hill and we rented a golf cart and started to drive the course. M is a very good golfer who hasn’t swung a club in a few years, so playing this course was out for him, but he wanted o see the holes and size up it’s challenge for “next time” (yeah). The views were breathtaking, the design was outstanding, and this being my first time being on a golf course, I was impressed by the challenge of the game. M quickly figured out that playing here would be in his future – no need to be intimidated, just be ready for a good 5-6 hours of play. We even watched a few people play through some of the more difficult holes – so much fun!!

We ended the night with sushi from a great restaurant in the marina, and came back to our room to be serenaded by a mariachi band playing in a condo across the pool. Amazing day ended with some Ai-yi-yi-yi, and La Cucaracha!!!

Muy, muy Bien! Sunday=snorkeling!

One thought on “la paz – sunday

  1. What a great trip! I am so glad you guys sounded like you had a blast!! I love reading your stories!
    Miss you Natalie!

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