feedback + connection

the last four days have been so inspiring. we spent time in seminars, attended panel discussions and symposiums where some of the best portrait photographers in our lifetime shared and talked about their work. 

my portfolio (still in progress), was reviewed by a very successful Los Angeles gallery owner and a group of my peers who were all highly talented with impressive education credentials.  I am self taught. a baby in this game, but I’m happy to say my work continues to get great feedback. my concept overall was very well received. so now to find the time and resources to allow me to KEEP MAKING THE WORK. 

This was M’s first full immersion into this part of my world – and I think he is even more inspired to support my work from an operational standpoint. the people we met shared not only their work, but their resources. they offered and introduced us to people we need to know. we talked a lot about how to continue to fund this work in a way that allows me to fully embrace my vision.  more on this soon. 

my next shoot is mid May. I’m tackling the subject of race in way I think is pretty artistic, and I’m excited to get started.  my mentorship with Jennifer Thoreson continues, and she has become an amazing resource and pillar of strength. 

our goal was to understand more about galleries. how they work, how to approach them, how to own/operate one someday.   we learned that gallery exhibitions are in our future. that art fair and becoming published are also options.  we also learned that there are other ways to get my work into the world that we will explore as the year continues. 

I’m grateful to have you ALL as readers of my words, and followers of my journey! please share this blog with others you think may be interested in following along. 

Palm Springs Photo Festival 2016 — yes please. sign me up!!

   opening night reception 


David Fahey – gallery owner, portfolio reviewer and man of much wisdom. 

  Hyatt hotel – Palm Springs


observing beauty in small places


our final night. Palm Springs at dusk 

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holding on while letting go

you can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles (or lifetimes) between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach because you do not just live in a world, but a world lives within you.  – Frederick Buechner

I’m holding on to the smile, the laughter, the wisdom that could sting but is so valued, and all the love I’ve received while letting go, finding peace, hoping to continue to take you on my travels and make you proud. you’ll always live within me auntie. I love you. 

how do you see the world?

how do you see the world?

when you look out of your window in the morning do you see light playing in shadows, do you see vibrant color or do you see, varying shades of grey?

through my lens I see the world in a small square. I see lights and darks and compose for conversion to black and white. I see the contrast of the land and the sea, the colors of nature in concert with each other. repeating patterns from grass blowing in the breeze, or long crooked fingers of tree branches against the cloudless sky.

this weekend I shot my first roll of color film on the old mechanical Hasselblad. Kodak Portra – 220 mm medium format film. I got 24 exposures instead of my normal 12 I get with black and white film. the colors are unlike anything I’ve seen come from my digital camera. so strong, vibrant and true. so beautiful

below are some of my favorites – color and black and white from the most recent rolls developed.