check them out

check them out

there are 2 new places you’ll find my thoughts and images:

the websites have been split to provide more focus on my fine art work, and still allow me a place to share my landscape, daily shooting, and documentation of my family work.  they both have their own blog spaces, so I will be updating those places more frequently as it relates to photography.  please take a minute to visit and bookmark both sites — and as a bonus, on tallieimages, you can sign up for a periodic newsletter announcing updates.

I hope to see you in the new spaces!!



how do you see the world?

how do you see the world?

when you look out of your window in the morning do you see light playing in shadows, do you see vibrant color or do you see, varying shades of grey?

through my lens I see the world in a small square. I see lights and darks and compose for conversion to black and white. I see the contrast of the land and the sea, the colors of nature in concert with each other. repeating patterns from grass blowing in the breeze, or long crooked fingers of tree branches against the cloudless sky.

this weekend I shot my first roll of color film on the old mechanical Hasselblad. Kodak Portra – 220 mm medium format film. I got 24 exposures instead of my normal 12 I get with black and white film. the colors are unlike anything I’ve seen come from my digital camera. so strong, vibrant and true. so beautiful

below are some of my favorites – color and black and white from the most recent rolls developed.











the gathering

I come away from the last three days of hearing the stories, advice, and words of guidance with new energy.

the reason I picked up a camera (as a child), was to save memories. to continue to add to the collection of images my parents had created. boxes and books of prints that I could spend hours on my bed looking at, studying, thinking about “that time when….”.

the day photo’s of my great-great relatives where found in Houston after my grandmothers funeral was amazing for me. it was a window into another time, another place when life was very different for African Americans. without those photographs I would not have been able to be a witness or experience it in a small distant way.

photographs have a power – the power to make you stop and think. to reflect, to appreciate beauty, simplicity, the harsh reality of a time period, the human connection, the grand-ness of this planet. nothing else can visually stop time, tell a story in a fraction of a second, tell the truth or fabricate the authenticity of a moment.

the last three days showed me that real photography still exists. that it is hard work, that it can take you places you’d never dream, that there is longevity, and critical thinking, and a way to find your place in it all. I think we are in the midst of change in the industry, an evolution of sorts. the ease of access to cameras (dslr, film, phone) has created a new population of photographers. new digital mediums to share the day-to-day images that will someday become the digital memories that I used to daydream about in the boxes and books of prints are abundant. my advice — don’t forget to print those memories.

though six critiques I learned my work has a place. it may have been very different from the other attendee’s, but it has substance. I learned that the journey ahead of me will come with lots of ebbs and flows – moments of doubt, and joy. I learned that shooting what I love, what I care most about, and shooting it from inside me will make it mine. I learned that opinions matter, but my vision is what will sustain me.  honing in on that vision and shooting it until it feels right is my mission.

I have a story to tell. it’s my story, but I also think it’s everyone’s story. photography is the tool I use to tell it. photography is still my way of saving memories. it is how I document that I was here. that is why I pick up a camera today.




clutter. stuff. things.

it comes in a physical form, a digital form and a mental form. it comes with value and with absolutely no value. it can slow you down, hold you back and even block what you’re meant to receive.

it’s February second and I’m not really a resolutions person. I set goals for myself and do what I can to achieve them throughout the year. similar to resolutions – I start out strong, give it my all, and somewhere near May or June things start to relax.

2015 is my year of simplification. organization. scaling back. giving more and putting others first.
my goal is to write about the measures I take to achieve these things throughout the year and how it makes me feel, what the outcomes are and if there are benefits or drawbacks associated.

stay tuned….