when you look out of your window in the morning do you see light playing in shadows, do you see vibrant color or do you see, varying shades of grey?

through my lens I see the world in a small square. I see lights and darks and compose for conversion to black and white. I see the contrast of the land and the sea, the colors of nature in concert with each other. repeating patterns from grass blowing in the breeze, or long crooked fingers of tree branches against the cloudless sky.

this weekend I shot my first roll of color film on the old mechanical Hasselblad. Kodak Portra – 220 mm medium format film. I got 24 exposures instead of my normal 12 I get with black and white film. the colors are unlike anything I’ve seen come from my digital camera. so strong, vibrant and true. so beautiful

below are some of my favorites – color and black and white from the most recent rolls developed.











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