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my love of telling stories through photography has been fulfilled with an app I just discovered.  it’s called steller — and it is S T E L L E R!

I’ve always felt my images do a good job of capturing the moment, the mood or feeling of a place and the thoughts I’m trying to convey – but with WORDS they could do so much more.

My website redesign is focused solely on this ability to combine words/thoughts with my images.  More to come on the new website soon.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.  It’s been months of design, and discussion and rounds of changes.  I hope that it will finally be the site I’ve always wanted and something I will be proud to share with people.  Not that any of my former (or current) site doesn’t make me proud – they have all just been limited in some way or another.

Back to Steller….

What a fun app.  I encourage you to make a mini #stellerstory out of your iPhone images (or whatever mobile device with a camera you are using – scoff).  I’ve spent most of the day today creating stories!  Paris, the #wallumchristmasroadtrip in 3 parts, Beijing, and most recently Joshua Tree.  I’ve also created a few stories for some fine art portrait work from last year – Guarded, Women : Beauty 1, and 2.

Please follow me on the app – I have a feeling there will be a lot of my stories showing up there because my images can now be ordered in the way that I want and my internal monologue added to them.  Oh yeah – Brooklyn (our dog) even got a story today.

While I’ve only been a part of the site for 24 hours – TWO of my stores have already been featured.  Chosen by the Editor of Stellar and given front page viewing.  So grateful.

Here is how to find me: You can get to it from your computer as well.  Let me know how to find you – I’d love to follow you and read your stories!


– natalie

top row #4: Beijing is being featured as I post this blog!