reduction | home day 1

we arrived an hour before surgery was scheduled. greeted by Colette (super nice nurse) who got me changed and my paperwork filled out. she started my IV while the anesthesiologist asked me 2-3 times when the last time I ate was.

after I was dressed and prepped with what to expect from the happy juice, dr Anthony came in to have a chat. We looked at memes from the Cavs and Warriors games. he had me totally laughing at a few basketball jokes, and I was no longer nervous. he drew on my back and all over my chest and stomach. he showed me where my new nipples would be and how much fullness I’d have. the nerves were coming back, and I was givin a Valium to help out. within 10 minutes they were walking me into the operating room. I climbed under a warm blanket, and woke up in the recovery room. literally it happened just like that.  try to get comfortable in this cold operating room and before you feel like you’ve fully laid down – I was waking up.

they called Marcus and he arrived in an uber within 10 mins. Megan – another nurse helped me off the bed and into my sweats. she helped me into a wheel chair and was my chatty ride giver to the curb. she touched my shoulders a lot – that’s all I really remember. I know it was probably to let me know she was there, but it was annoying!

the ride home was quick, and getting into our place to the elevator took forever. I got to the house, and I to my chair that was all set up, with a ton of deep breathing and cursing.

once the pillows & pills and tinctures and bottles of coconut water and notepads were all set up (2:00pm) I was good.

bathroom beaks were excruciating, but it was day 1 and this with everything eles has to get better.

say bye bye bye ( . )  ( . )


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