beans to apples


tuesday january 4th was cold, cloudy and gray. it was my
last day at beans, and it started with a commute into work that
felt different from any other. the dogs came in for their final
‘day in the office’ at “books”, and bronx must have sensed
something different because he cried all the way to my drop off at
beans. as we passed lake sammish, crossed the I-90 bridge on
what most days was the most beautiful drive someone can take on a
daily basis – today was different. not to be morbid, but
think for a moment what it must feel like to knowingly be taking
your last journey somewhere. to know that i’d never travel
this way again with the intention of “going to work”, “preparing
mentally for my day” left weird feeling in me. a ‘dead man walking’ kind of feeling.

once i made it to the place i had called home for 3 1/2 years – all was good
again…until i reached my desk which no longer looked like my
desk, but more like a robbery in action. i was more than half
way moved out, given-away and recycled. i had work to do,
affinity network leaders to rally and organizing to get done – but
i had all day to do it, and get it done i did. talk, toss,
save, give away, hug, call, walk, toss, save, give away, hug,
talk, eat, hug, toss, save, give away, talk, snap photos,
friendly smooch and the day was done.

it ended like any other day – 5:15 pm. everyone walking out to their
families and lives outside of the center of the coffee universe,
only for me – it was the last time. relief, excitement,
finish line, and surreality. i did it!

i’ll miss my work, my team, my twitter followers who i was just getting to know,
my friends, my network leaders, and i will miss what’s coming next for
beans. i know it will be amazing, and i am actually really excited to
experience it again from the vantage point of a customer. now that i 
know what it takes to make the magic everyone else see’s…i
will be appreciated so much more.

hs – thanks for everything, it was the best!


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