the party…

you all may never know how much i appreciate everyone who came out to wish me well and send me off in elysian fashion!

so many old friends from nordies, and the best of the best from beans! sad to not have any of my direct team present, i did invite them all via facebook and only heard from one with a conflict. it’s all good though – i still felt tons of love!

my bpn family – one thing to say to you…segregation ended in the 60’s! smh

i think the quote of the night that will stay with me for a long time… “yeah she’s going to san francisco, good for her! when the honeymoon is over, we’ll see her FB updates saying ‘f*ck this fog; f*ck this traffic; and i think the last one was f*ck these hills”  hilarious TD – miss you and can’t wait to hang with your in your second home where i’m the 2nd class citizen (with so much class)!!


3 thoughts on “the party…

    1. bpn – black partner network – all my “brown” friends came to the party but then had their own party at the bar—wtf??”?

      1. oh no, I had no idea! Oh well. I hope you have a fun week settling in! Can’t wait to read all about it 🙂 Maybe you’ll inspire me to blog again. Maybe.

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