goodbye, hello

how do you say goodbye to the only place you’ve ever known?

i’ve begun to appreciate the natural history I have about the city of Seattle and it’s surrounding area. things like remembering the man while he was in office for whom the best dog park in Seattle is named after – Warren G Magnuson. Knowing how important the Benoroya family has been to Seattle, enough to have the symphony hall named for them. the fact that there was a real International Worlds Fair held in Vancouver BC, and it was an “Expo” with countries from all over the world represented.

More memories – I saw Jerry Seinfeld at Giggles, was a regular at 2 hottest under age clubs back in the day- Club Broadway and Skoochies (sp?), and shopped with my parents almost every weekend at Sears & Roebuck on 1st/Lander before it was Starbucks. Who remembers the very first Nordstrom Rack in the basement of the original main store before they took over the old Fredrick & Nelson’s building?

Seattle I will miss you, with your beautiful views, your amazing way to make you want to pull your car over on a clear day headed south on I-5 when Mt Rainier smacks you in the face. who else gets cascades, and olympics, fjords, bays, and oceans, a dad who brought home salmon, trout and fresh crab from his pots? I am so grateful to my parents for choosing this remote corner of the world to raise me, to ground me in all things natural. I am only hopeful that my children will grow to appreciate the surroundings they’ve been blessed with.  Seattle you are my home – now and forever.

hello San Francisco – I look forward to learning all that you have to offer!

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