planting new roots…

so the day was spent seriously looking at neighborhoods. a friend took half the day off to show us around san fran, and boy did we get lucky with an amazing tour guide. she’s lived here for over 25 years, and took us through some great neighborhoods by showing us the “main business areas” of each neighborhood and then we’d drive a few blocks off the main street to see the homes.  san francisco has so many cute areas, that have so many cute communities, with their own personalities, great shops, restuaruants and things to do.  this isn’t going to be easy but there are a few things we’re using as guide posts through out this part of our journey.

1. distance to the ‘cupertino fruit company’ busline (my free commuter bus)

2. distance to the freeways

3. walkability (is it safe at night)

4. cuteness factor of the main business area (grocery stores -whole paycheck or the real food company preferably, indie shops, bars, restaurants, bakeries)

5. number of parks nearby (dog preferably)

it needs to be a 2-3 bedroom, 2-2+ bath (will do a 1 if we have too), with an amazing kitchen, and accepts 2 of the best dogs ever.  preference would be a traditional san francisco flat (top floor would be great) in cow hollow, pacific heights, russian hill, castro or the haight, but we are also keeping options open for the cute single family homes in bernal heights, or the modern new hotness in south beach near the at & t stadium.

have you lived in the bay? vote for your favorite neighborhood!!

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